“Our Vote, Our Voice, Our Future”


Last May 13, 2013, the people of the Philippines and even Filipinos abroad have exercised their right to vote. They have chosen the leaders of our country and it was called a midterm election as it happened midway President Noynoy’s term of office. And was the first election under the so called “Tuwid na Daan” regime of President Aquino. The elected officials sworn last June 30, 2013 promising to be an effective leader and serve the people and the country. After the 2013 election, have we got what we wanted? Did people choose responsible and trustworthy leaders? Did they gave us a better life compared to our previous leaders? Did they care about the public roads, the hospitals, and the schools need to repair? Did they care for the Filipino families who suffer from tragedy such as typhoons? Did they solemnly do their job and use funds for useful projects instead of lining their pockets with kickbacks? What about the Pork Barrel Scam? the attacks and killings? Economic crisis? Tension between different races? These are some issues face by our country that brought a big impact to the lives of every Filipinos.  Are our elected officials responsible for this? Where are their promises? Did they really run for the country or for themselves.

Since then, we have seen old and new faces running in politics, and it is obvious that most of the candidates belong to the same clan or family. This shows that political dynasty is very much alive in our country. We continue to support the son and daughter of a previous political figure. We Filipinos are very loyal people but this time, let’s change the minds of every Filipino, it’s not just all about loyalty, this time Let’s have to Think Wisely. It does not mean that the son/daughter of the previous political figure has the same way how he/she leads.

During the campaign period, the candidates were promising the moon and the stars. As usual, lists of promises were long. The public have perceived most of these are just baloney. Many folk said “Just send me my envelope, I will vote for you.” Anyway, it’s the only way that I could get anything from you because after the election you will not care about the people’s need. As a younger and wiser generation, what can we do about this? Are we going to follow the way people before act during election? George Bernard Shaw said “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” Do you believe that the best thing we can do is to have a Change? If yes , How? The so called change will start within ourselves. Change our mindsets and have courage to face the reality that we need to act NOW!

Young as we are, we should know about what’s happening in our country and be acquainted with leaders and their performance in governance. Election 2016 is fastly approaching. Are you an 18 year old and above Filipino citizen? Are you already registered for voting? Are you ready to be a part of a change in our country? Well, it is now your time, our time to vote our way  to voice out. We must do something to makes sure it’s a brighter Philippines that we will have in the future.

Be responsible! Vote wisely! Don’t just vote for candidates due to money, power, family, favors and fame. Having money is just a short term happiness. What will happen to us after we spend all the money we’ve ask as an exchange of our votes, if our lives was lead by wrong leadership? Usually, we blame the government officials because of the problems and crisis exist in our country but really? It’s our fault. The consequence affects us. We waste our vote for wrong leaders because of Money instead of thinking a million times first, determining the character of the candidates and chooses the best ones that can render service to the public.

Lets open our eyes, hearts and mind! Lets all face the challenge with courage and faith! If we don’t act now, tomorrow maybe too late. What will happen to our country? We Filipinos will continue to suffer! Internal corruption, political conflict, econonomic crisis, and poverty will still be our Future. Do you want that to happen?

Don’t be afraid to the government, the government must be afraid to the people. I believe that people is more powerful than the government. Why? Because we are the BOSS! We have the power to choose a proper administration and a team of good governance, an effective leadership that can translate the citizen’s vision of a bright future into reality. The leadership that we must choose is the one who will fulfill our needs not only in campaign or in the election periods, but also the one who will render their service wholeheartedly to the people and country. One vote can make a difference that create a great impact to the lives of every Filipino people.

As Barack Obama said “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” We are the hope of yesterday’s dream. The flowers of tomorrow will start today as a seed.

Prepared by : Rena Marie B. Bayhon BSED-2A

Submitted to : Mr. Cleo Villanueva – EDTECH Professor